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My boss recommended Dr. Richards to me for almost 2 years- by the time I listened to him I was in so much pain in my middle back and my neck it was waking me up in the middle of the night. Before the pain got that bad, I suffered from very low energy, sinus problems, sharp tingling pain in my right hip and overall fatigue.

Dr. Richards has now been working with me for about 5 weeks and I feel like I am living in a different body! The pain is entirely gone from my middle back. My neck is significantly better- pain is rare and I am enjoying a range of motion that I forgot was possible. The hip pain went from hurting every day to maybe a twinge once a week. I have more energy than I have had in many years and even on heavy pollen days or dense rainstorms, I don't notice any sinus discomfort.

I could sense Dr. Richards's years of experience during my very first adjustment; his manner of treatment feels very intuitive- it is through his listening to my back before making any decisions on how to proceed with each adjustment. It has a very calming effect on me and it established trust very quickly; I feel that this has helped my progress greatly.

Office has flexible hours and it makes getting in for an adjustment very easy to fit into even the busiest day. If you or your loved one is experiencing body pain, relief and healing can be yours by engaging Dr. Tyler Richards for chiropractic treatment.

J.C. 6/2012

Reluctantly, I made my visit appointment. After 5 visits, my eyesight began to improve. I thought with great excitement this just cannot be. After my 15th visit, I began to read without my glasses ( I was in glee). Very content with what has taken place, my energy level increased. To add to all of this, I have almost completely rid myself of my sinus condition. Emotion only, but words cannot translate how ecstatic I am with my treatment. I will always be a prophet for the method of correction.

PJ (Marketing Executive)

I started my Chiropractic treatment beacuse of frequent re-occuring migraine headaches. After 16 years in the martial arts with very intense workouts and training, it was determined that my spine had suffered, partially my neck. After 6 months of treatment, my migraines have virtually disappeared. There were also numerous benefits, my energy level is up, my workouts are stronger, and my recovery time is greatly reduced. My posture has improved so dramatically that people comment about it! Chiropractic treatment is definitely worth the time and financial commitment.

Sara G. (School Administrator)

I've been coming to Dr. Richard's office for the past 3 months. In my opinion you are like an angel. I used to take sleeping pills for my neck pain and insomnia. Since I started treatment with you, I no longer have to take sleeping pills or muscle relaxers to sleep. Now I am pain free and seem to have more energy. I never felt as free from neck pain as I do now. I thank you so much fir being an excellent and knowledgeable healer.

Neomi C. (Nurse)

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  • "I've been coming to Dr. Richard's office for the past 3 months. In my opinion you are like an angel. I used to take sleeping pills for my neck pain and insomnia. Since I started treatment with you, I no longer have to take sleeping pills or muscle relaxers to sleep. Now I am pain free and seem to have more energy. I never felt as free from neck pain as I do now. I thank you so much fir being an excellent and knowledgeable healer."
    Neomi C. / Long Branch, NJ

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